So in order to be fair shouldn’t the Yes I’m A Trump Girl Get Over It Shirt, honest, above-board employers and businesses be able to sue illegal workers and those consumers who hired them for taking work away from those that are licensed, bonded and insured and actually pay for all the benefits, Through licensing, fees and taxes and permits, being given to welfare recipients as well as illegals?? My daughter was let go from her job due to her hyperemesis (pregnancy complications) and this makes my blood boil. My daughter is still suffering at 29 weeks pregnant! She is an amazing employee, but her doctor won’t release her until after the baby is born, as she will no longer have the syndrome! What about my daughter’s rights! She’s an American citizen! Could this discourage employers from hiring them in the first place?

Yes I’m A Trump Girl Get Over It Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Tanktop

Yes I’m A Trump Girl Get Over It Sweatshirt


Yes I’m A Trump Girl Get Over It Hoodie


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I mean the Yes I’m A Trump Girl Get Over It Shirt that they could do this is obviously asinine, but could it serve as a deterrent for employers that are knowingly hiring illegals to work for them if they have had some kind of additional exposure risk? Judged by who, the democrats? This represents yet another crappy decision to ensure votes for the dems. I wish we Americans could get some of these benefits! We really do need to find a way to stop this crap because they are on a fast track to destroying our government. The government doesn’t work for US citizens anymore. They only work for themselves. It’s sad times when democrats care more for illegals than the actual citizens. Hell, the illegals get more benefits from them than people here legally. This bill makes no sense they are here illegally they have no rights if work or anything. What happened to the American law you have to be in this country legally?! Democrats twisted so desperately are they do this to get extra votes.


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