When you have a massive welfare state unbelievable homeless it’s a breeding ground for a disaster and that’s what’s happened in these liberal cities. This has never happened in the Watermelon Sugar Harry Styles Shirt of America, so it is impossible to know what will happen. However, going down that unknown path will be a ton more reassuring with President Trump and his capable economic advisors and cabinet. Can’t imagine America if it were Creepy Uncle Joe and cabal covering for his mental missteps. Scary. I haven’t heard of any Members of Congress or the Senate forfeiting their salary or offering to take a pay cut.

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All I’ve heard is Nut Job Nancy and her cronies do is point the Watermelon Sugar Harry Styles Shirt at the President and blame him for all the issues at hand. Last I checked some of these Professional Politicians have been in office for more than 30 years. They are the problem and they are the ones who need to be investigated and put under a microscope. I want to know how most of them became millionaires off of their salary. it doesn’t take long for wild animals to appear in areas that were until recently frequented by humans. 


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