3,800 people in the world well the Democrats are really pushing chaos and panic instead of helping with giving good advice and what to do? and what we can do to prevent it from entering our bodies? or give good helping advice on how to recover faster in case the coronavirus does enter our bodies for a quick recovery. Why does the vintage Lover Wolf Mama Wolf Shirt  Hopkins map show well over 600 cases in the US? Are you guys not counting the ones considered “recovered” ??? You need to be because the virus has been shown to reappear even after the person recovers with a negative test. With 18,000 deaths due to the flu 2019-2020 where panic for that is smart to listen to the experts THE MEDICAL EXPERTS!

Vintage Lover Wolf Mama Wolf Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Tanktop

Vintage Lover Wolf Mama Wolf Sweatshirt


Vintage Lover Wolf Mama Wolf Hoodie


Vintage Lover Wolf Mama Wolf Tanktop


Not the Vintage Lover Wolf Mama Wolf Shirt panic news and the Democrats- 19 deaths to Coronavirus – GET REAL EDUCATION to protect your family right! Stop making this about taking out Trump!  What are you doing for cruise-goers set for Italy this Spring? Italy has banned all travel into the country, but the greedy KLM airlines and Costa Cruise line won’t cancel the trip to Italy even though there is no trip to Italy!! Thousands of hardworking honest Americans stand to lose thousands of dollars!! People on fixed incomes have saved for years to go on this dream trip to Italy. President Trump is going to help the cruise and airlines economically! 


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