I have earned the right to be angry. My kids are killed. Yours can call. What a hero when he couldn’t even handle NY now he Support Your Local Farmers Shirt wants to handle Florida he’s sick and needs to stop show boating and worry about NY because it’s going up here again MR Cuomo tough nothing. the last time i checked nyc is doing good.cumo did not listen to the brainless clown so he was able to flatten the curb. Meanwhile here in fl. We have trumps puppet name desantis. He listened to thr clown so now the state has more cases everyday. The lesson of the day. If people listen to the clown people die. Read facts and not listen to his lying mouth or fox. better than listening to the liar in chief. He cant take facts so everytime cnn confront him on his lies he really really get scared and start hiding in basement. Gee, I wonder what those who have been the true believers in the Republican philosophy for decades before Trump think? Apparently not.

Support Your Local Farmers Shirt, Sweater, Hoodie And Tanktop

Support Your Local Farmers Shirt


Support Your Local Farmers Shirt


Support Your Local Farmers Shirt


“Protect the Troops”? Nope; crickets. So many of the traditional Republican Party have not only left, they are throwing good money at Support Your Local Farmers Shirt making sure Trump is defeated. So many of Trump’s associate’s have been convicted. The Republican Party is due for a long look at what they stand for. Government Graphs of U.S. Income Distribution show what their Trickle Down Economics have done over the last 50 years – destroyed the Great Middle-Class. This is a much poorer, financially shaky. I can’t just believe that America of yesterday has turn into lonely country that you can’t even associate or have funs with your love one. Obviously all the people that feel outraged because they have to wear a mask have never been told no by mommy and daddy. Grow up! Smith maybe for you. For Blacks, the government flooded our neighborhoods with crack cocaine in the 80s. In the 70s we were fighting for civil rights. In the 60s despite Jim Crow laws being in place, we finally got past all the barriers that were stopping us


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