The Sunflower Book Library Lady Shirt owners pay them big fees to be told how to operate their properties.  My poor Sophie! Working on getting unemployment and food sources as well as help with rent. She just FINALLY got her own apartment. It hurts when you can’t fix your kid’s problems when they turn into adults…she got her lay-off notice on the 20th but hasn’t had hours since the 13th.  Furlough means it will be temporary, just like the restaurants, so the employees can draw unemployment for the time being until all of this is over. So do your part and stay home and only shop for essentials so we can recover from this virus and those people return to work.

Sunflower Book Library Lady Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Tanktop

Sunflower Book Library Lady Sweatshirt


Sunflower Book Library Lady Hoodie


Sunflower Book Library Lady Tanktop


 My sweet hard-working daughter is one of those furloughed. She started as a pool girl at Orlando Grande Lakes in her second year of college and worked her way up to management in group sales. It makes me cry daily. She is so hardworking and has been a huge asset to Marriott 15 years later. The Sunflower Book Library Lady Shirt also withdrew her 5-day disaster pay after telling her she would get it a few days ago.  I’m so sorry. I love staying at Marriotts, any Hilton brand and Best Western. We road trip around this great country when we are able and are thankful for these nice places to stay. We’re thankful for their friendly staff and will return as soon as we are able.  


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