When you’re the Star Wars Baby Yoda Harry Potter Shirt, Especially the President of the United States, you have to have people that you can trust and who are loyal, not people who are trying to screw you; are you kidding me! It’s that way with any job! He got sour so now it’s time to go! Nowadays when one gets fired they get escorted out! Nothing new here!  Unfortunately, Trump was too trusting and should have done what the Presidents before him did, which was remove the old administrations’ people and put his in. Chalk it up to not being a career politician…I have to say, I do appreciate his willingness to work with anyone willing to be loyal. You can teach a skill but loyalty is character. There is a difference between being fired and being reassigned. Lindman was reassigned as many in the military are. My question is will he be court-martialed for not following the chain of command and bypassing his commanding officer?

Star Wars Baby Yoda Harry Potter Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Tanktop

Star Wars Baby Yoda Harry Potter Sweatshirt


Star Wars Baby Yoda Harry Potter Hoodie


Star Wars Baby Yoda Harry Potter Tanktop


Should be!!  This is the Star Wars Baby Yoda Harry Potter Shirt way to address a situation. He can now return to the DoD and keep working. If he would have been a witness against Clinton, he probably wouldn’t even be breathing by now.  All these so-called adult bullyings. Typical of the left. The right is just as guilty. I just hope when the truth comes out everyone is adult enough to accept it. Doubtful. Everyone has an opinion just as they have an A$$. Don’t you think that division needs to stop? America is a laughing joke and it’s not just one-sided. It’s BOTH.  When a longtime humble hardworking respected decorated military man who risked everything, to tell the truth….is cast aside. They say “but he’s for the military..!” Really?


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