He should have self-isolate after finding out that he had attended an event with people who then tested positive. He should be setting an example, not being part of the Sexual Tyrannosaurus Shirt.  Funny how these folks continue to get a check. At least they are doing something positive by staying at home instead of wasting tax dollars. If only the people would realize how useless so many of them are. Rand Paul is irresponsible and inconsiderate. He knew he was tested several days ago and instead of staying home and wait for the results, he had the audacity to mix and mingle with others on the Capitol Hill. The Democrats will see God on judgment day we need this help. They hate our President anything he does they vote against it. He is trying to help us. They want us to boost the economy and help mom and pop stores. People on disability also need money or a portion. So that we also can help do for the economy. Either way prayers for everyone. I can’t believe the democratic party is not gonna back the president on this remember this when its time to vote for them basically there telling you there more important than the American people.

Sexual Tyrannosaurus Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Tanktop

Sexual Tyrannosaurus Sweatshirt


Sexual Tyrannosaurus Hoodie


Sexual Tyrannosaurus Tanktop


  Waving flags and singing songs aren’t going to fix Europe with its disparate policies and bureaucracy. Observing social distancing, good hygiene and orders of their authorities will. And prayer helps too.  Stay safe my friend, stay strong across and around the Sexual Tyrannosaurus Shirt. This isn’t Armageddon and humanity will triumph. Trust Jesus, Allah, God, Buddha, Abraham, Yeshua, whosoever YOU decry as God. Trust with every single grain of your body. This Too Shall Pass. If the United States and the world still don’t recognize how and where this cup virus can from, more disasters will happen. You reap what you sow, how in the world can we help a communist country strong for decades, their speaker said the United States knows our system and who we are, why now complaining? Irresponsible and corrupted previous administrations and the politicians in the Congress all have bred CCP monster strong and now spread the virus to endanger the world. 


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