He is slashing unnecessary spending on illegals who should never have gotten benefits in the Run Wasp Kansas City Football Originalhirt Shirt place. I see people every day claiming to be disabled who are bilking the system. I agree with what he is doing. He is cleaning out the mess created by past liberal presidents. I support him in doing this. All those politicians in our house need to have their salaries cut along with the health care we the people payout even after they leave the office! They too need to know the struggle we the people go through!!! I’m thankful finally someone is taking care of the seniors. The ones who helped America for so many years. We worked hard, followed all the rules and try to raise a healthy and law-abiding family. We have worth and knowledge and deserve our SS. After all, it’s our money.  He isn’t cutting those who really need help but if you can work, you should.

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There are jobs out there. And he is actually not focusing on welfare or SSI, that is just fake media trying to scare you to not vote for him. It’s all they have really.  He could also cut down on security for him and his kids. Kids do not hold any government position why do we have to pay for their security which by the Run Wasp Kansas City Football Originalhirt Shirt is pretty expensive since they travel a lot.  Getting people off food stamps because they now have jobs is a good thing! I am also in favor of cutting most foreign aid! We do not have to be supporting others when we have plenty to fix in our own country! Americans first! Disaster relief is okay but we have gone over the top giving to others! Another reason I won’t watch awards shows that “honor” bloviated, egotistical actors who think that they are better than the rest. I wish actors would stick to what they are good at…..acting, looking beautiful and keep their useless opinions to themselves.  


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