Brent Crude is priced at $38 and Change, which is around a $100.00 below the Rona Bear Season Shirt Price for U.S. Oil Producer’s to start pumping oil… U.S. Oilmen don’t produce a drop of Texas-T until the Price of Crude hits around $130 or so… SO this is nothing… Brent Crude is so far below the Strike Price for U.S. Oil Producer’s that there isn’t a drop of oil being pumped out of the ground in the U.S. right now. U.S. Oil Producer’s don’t pump Jack Schitt out of the Ground until someone…somebody can put down Cold Hard Cash on the Barrell Head!!!!! J.P. Getty doesn’t even turn on his water faucet until someone can produce a $1000.00 Bill.. yes! let’s make people take a vaccine for a virus that has a 99.9% recovery rate! Or take a targeted approach, and make those that don’t fall into the 99.9% take a vaccine that may have more adverse effects than if they happened to catch COVID. Let’s remember folks, that not everyone, even the older population dies from COVID. AstraZeneca I am glad you put a hold on this vaccine study.

Rona Bear Season Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Tanktop

Rona Bear Season Hoodie


Rona Bear Season Sweatshirt


Rona Bear Season Tanktop


This is the Rona Bear Season Shirt why they are called trials. When we are doing research this is expected. I want to thank all the volunteers and the scientists and the medical professionals that are working on the vaccines. They will check and evaluate and make corrections sprayers for vaccine success. There is this monster virus that is causing too much chaos and it can only be stopped by an effective vaccine. So I am praying for a successful vaccine. Thanks. One SAE…how many of you are well versed in the clinical trial process? If they halted the study due to 1 SAE this early in the study, it means they are being very cautious. Do you know how many SAEs are reported daily on drugs being tested? RNA vaccine is the most dangerous thing that can one be injected with. Never tested in the world and that may kill a lot more than the virus can. 


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