Where the I Roll Blunts Bigger Than Your Duck Shirt was the police? Anything that Trump or his puppet Pence says has absolutely no credibility. Contrary to those who believe otherwise and stand against our movement, Black Lives Matter is seeking to develop and improve all lives as we achieve mutual trust, resulting in our best quality of life. Our vision for America is that one day all lives will matter. Thank you to our blue! We are grateful to them for keeping everyone safe…and for being there when we need them. Perhaps in democrat states, they’ll be able to handle murders and robberies and rapes and pedophiles and burglaries and perverts and thugs and gangs and drug cartels alone….but as for the US, we welcome the help of our police, with thanks. 

I Roll Blunts Bigger Than Your Duck Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Tanktop

I Roll Blunts Bigger Than Your Duck Hoodie


I Roll Blunts Bigger Than Your Duck Sweatshirt


I Roll Blunts Bigger Than Your Duck Tanktop


The I Roll Blunts Bigger Than Your Duck Shirt was dealt with all this nonsense from the left. Could you imagine everything else that could have been done? Swamp needs draining and we need Law and Order! Unfortunately, to say the least, COVID isn’t going anywhere! It will be here for a long time! My opinion on Trump handling this Crisis and his leadership saved thousands upon thousands of lives. No other President would have done this! Mr. President and Vice President, The US Police Departments and US Fire Departments have been issued by The Lord to protect us Biblically from the angels of death and of Hades. This is only right for us to support all local Law Enforcement who protect us from rogue death angels and the Fire Fighters who put out the demonic fires that come from natural or unnatural reasons and\or human error and\or spite. Bro.


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