She wines and dines guests on these fights and we pay for it. She is too good to fly commercial. Or how about the Pug Dog Tattoo I Love Mom Shirt they spend on their offices and second homes in Washington? They certainly do not have the same insurance as we do. They even vote themselves a raise from time to time. If and when they ever leave office, not soon enough for some, think about the number of their pensions. The US could save millions by cutting back right there on capital hill.  How about cutting the salaries of the Senate and house, put in 4-year term limits, and stop funding completely ignorant, pointless, and expensive R&D first!? Apart from the salary cuts, put in a solid nonnegotiable spending budget for both, if they do run out, tough luck until next year. Shouldn’t have bought gold pens and silver trays for the impeachment articles, or booked lavish spa resorts for meetings.

Pug Dog Tattoo I Love Mom Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Tanktop

Pug Dog Tattoo I Love Mom Sweatshirt


Pug Dog Tattoo I Love Mom Hoodie


Pug Dog Tattoo I Love Mom Tanktop


  The Pug Dog Tattoo I Love Mom Shirt Department of the interior, the administration in charge of our national parks tells us not to feed the bears, their stated reasoning is because they will become dependent and will not know how to fend for themselves. U.S. Department of Agriculture, which oversees the food stamp program, encourages dependency, these people lose the will to take care of themselves.  The food stamp program and federal disability benefits are abused beyond belief. No one minds helping those who can not help themselves, but I personally know dozens of people who defraud both systems! Programs established to be safety nets have become a way of life for these abusers. I’ve noticed in recent years, people look for any excuse to receive disability benefits.   Best check those out receiving food stamps, disability, etc. There has always been fraud in the Social Security system with Medicare, Medicaid, all other – Not abolish but check out for fraud for those who may not really need it. 


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