He’s a terrible speaker didn’t talk like he knows what to do has a deer in the Post Malone Fuck Corona Shirt look We can’t recover the money lost Watch and see how you feel when he raises gas tax sales tax and Ohio income tax He overreached his authority and his plan to reopen is terrible He can’t own or run us we own him we pay his salary He can’t make us do anything We have a choice to make on our own Somebody higher up must have told him to open up Ohio because he sure has changed his tune! Our founding fathers fought a war to be free of a tyrannical government. We cannot allow the government to go beyond its power! We are intelligent adults who should be able to make intelligent, informed decisions on how to live our lives. We should not lose our freedom because of this virus!

Post Malone Fuck Corona Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Tanktop

Post Malone Fuck Corona Hoodie


Post Malone Fuck Corona Sweatshirt


Post Malone Fuck Corona Tanktop


Those who need extra protection will act accordingly, but let us have our freedom! This message needs to be heard loud and clear!! It needs to be spread to Democrats and Republicans! And, it needs to be uncovered to the Post Malone Fuck Corona Shirt masses. If you ever wanted the right narrative to be learned by the American people, this is it. This is your opportunity. This is the time! If America is going to survive, let that sink in, if America is going to survive, you need to release this free on FOX News Channel again to show the American people. It is the US technologies, jobs, and investment that have nurtured and enriched China for four decades. 


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