The Pitbull Lives Matter Shirt of cars wraps around the restaurant the entire day. She doesn’t get to take any breaks, no meals, sometimes for 9 hours because they are so insanely busy. The people are insanely rude and belligerent, and literally, she is working as fast as she can. People need to be taken out and whipped. It’s ridiculous. Unfortunately the CDC and WHO has brought the ignorance of social media out to public interaction!!! This totally lines up with the hostile takeover of America by the liberals who want to create a socialist country based on fear and hate!! It’s all coming together!! Just gotta get mail-in voting and all the COVID deaths to vote Democrat! And their plan will be in place!!

Pitbull Lives Matter Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Tanktop

Pitbull Lives Matter Hoodie


Pitbull Lives Matter Sweatshirt


Pitbull Lives Matter Tanktop


A dependent society!  I was a USAF Msgt. I can tell you that without a doubt that the Pitbull Lives Matter Shirt or any other government agency could not coerce or entrap me into pleading guilty to a crime I didn’t commit. To believe that these agencies could get a Three-Star Army General who was also the National Security Advisor to falsely plead guilty to crime as egregious as to lying under oath is nonsensical. You would have to be a moron or a Trump supporter to believe this. Flynn by his only admission is guilty and the FBI did nothing wrong. Really he’s put us in a deeper hole than the virus we’re not going to recover what has happened to the small business community


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