You burn ours and we burn yours. Problem solved. No need for police. America should pay attention to Democrats NEW NORMAL……LISTEN AND WATCH what they call PEACEFUL! They have redefined it. This IS THEIR NEW PEACEFUL! THIS is Joe’s platform! THIS is what they offer to all of America! Look at the Peter Sagan Joker Why So Serious Shirt and devastation of New York. Look at what Democrats have done to Richmond VA in less than a year of flipping us blue! It’s a hell hole and a disaster! Democrats are LITERALLY BURNING it to the ground and……..calling it PEACEFUL! For what reason? He tried to set up a murder. Not saying whether or not she deserves it. If the new evidence about Baskin’s ex holds up, maybe Joe was trying to do us a favor. I’d rather see both in the slammer for a while. That said, I think his sentence is excessive, his prison time isn’t preventing any other similar crimes and he’s learned his lesson I would say. 

Peter Sagan Joker Why So Serious Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Tanktop

Peter Sagan Joker Why So Serious Hoodie


Peter Sagan Joker Why So Serious Sweatshirt


Peter Sagan Joker Why So Serious Tanktop


 I’m sure the Peter Sagan Joker Why So Serious Shirt of Florida are happy with this decision. However, another President can change this moratorium. To be permanent requires a law. The House passed such a bill in September 2019, but like most bills, it’s sitting in Mitch McConnell’s do nothing box. I’m a Republican, but McConnell has to go! We are paying our Senators $170,000 a year to do nothing but appoint judges. That’s not doing your job. And how many times has that area been hit by some of the worst oil spills in the history of the world and how dangerous it has been for the environment and the very sensitive ecosystem. If you had half a brain you would know it was a good choice for Americans.


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