The What Part Of Don’t You Understand Shirt will be wondering what’s wrong with the US. Trump is the greatest mistake in history but is seen as an aberration. Don’t make another big mistake. do not like Bernie, but Mr. Biden, believe you have a memory problem. too old too feeble and too much scandal with you and your son. own up to your crimes and then check into a nursing home for your care.  If the Democrats pick Bernie their fate is sealed. Trump wins. Biden and Bloomberg have the best chance of winning which is what scares Trump the most. And that’s the reason the Russians are working for Bernie.

What Part Of Don’t You Understand Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Tanktop

What Part Of Don’t You Understand Sweatshirt


What Part Of Don’t You Understand Hoodie


What Part Of Don’t You Understand Tanktop


 Not because he’s a socialist but because his nomination ensures more years of Trump working for Putin. I think the What Part Of Don’t You Understand Shirt thought because Biden out did Ryan, that he would do the same to Trump, and it has not happened that way, trump would crush him in a debate, he would demolish anyone who is in this clown dem lineup. This election just comes down to a common-sense vote. Those with common sense will vote to keep the great progress we’ve made these past few years moving forward. Those who are young, impressionable, and believe the fairytale the socialist is selling, will vote for the nonexistent utopia that is promised.


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