Run, don’t walk, to vote Red! The There Is No Cloud Tech Humor Shirt reason Democrats want them is 1. To hopefully find something of substance to use for the elections since every other hoax they have tried has been exposed for the known lies they were. 2. It will allow democrats ( especially in the house) to have private information on his personal businesses which will allow them to try to personally target them. It’s all a scheme by the democrat slave masters party… Everyone wants the same thing here. All teachers want to be back in school, most parents want kids to be in school and never before have I heard so many kids say they miss school (hopefully I’ll never hear the question.

There Is No Cloud Tech Humor Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Tanktop

There Is No Cloud Tech Humor Hoodie


There Is No Cloud Tech Humor Sweatshirt


There Is No Cloud Tech Humor Tanktop


“who invented school!” Again) the There Is No Cloud Tech Humor Shirt teachers have is different from banks and stores, hairdressers, and such that limit the number of people that can be in the building. Literally, 1000s In High schools and hundreds in middle schools. Teachers understand parents need to work and want their kids to be educated. Teachers know that for some, school is the safest place. We know their emotional health is suffering. We know kids need structure (online=epic fail). We just need it to be safe. If a teacher or student dies… there will be unimaginable trauma and guilt wondering if it could have been prevented.


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