I already felt he was not presidential material long before Obama made him look like a fool. Mitt has no spine, no heart and is just trying to find some relevance in his washed-up political career.  This was way over The Nazgul Have The Phone Box Shirt. I am a great fan, but this was too much. I don’t like Romney or what he did; but I don’t accept the mean-spirited, judgmental harassment. He was wrong. He will pay a political price. Let it play out without the hysteria.  I strongly disagree with you about Mitt Romney not being a leader. Your classification is extremely wrong. He stood on biblical principals and based on what he believes. So he voted based on his own conviction. Moreover, everyone doesn’t have to agree, nor think the same way.  I don’t agree with your comment. I just don’t. We voted for trump… but if Romney felt in his heart he had to vote against, what were the felt he was having?? We may never know, but he had to do what he felt. He knew he would face backlash. So on this point o don’t agree. 

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 He is a closet democrat. When he was running for President he was a moderate to liberal republican. He is a joke as a leader and should resign and go away quietly.  More people than that have died they just don’t want everyone to know how many people because it took them 7 weeks to shut down their ports and air travel after they knew it was going on. Also, their communist government is controlling all the media and everything else there so we really don’t know The Nazgul Have The Phone Box Shirt numbers.  I think people should be educating themselves about this before spouting off as if they are experts. The fact is there is a virus! A virus that is thought or possibly known to be so dangerous that a communist country was willing to quarantine 50 million of its citizens. That same virus has not been contained and has traveled to many countries around the world. It is a virus that has never been observed before likely nobody has built up a resistance.


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