You cannot order all religious symbols removed. You have the right to practice or not practice any religion you choose. You cannot instill mandated practice or nonpractice on others. The flag does appear to violate the 1st amendment, as the government is clearly respecting Christianity over all other religions. Too bad the Court is allowing Constitutional violations to stand based on politics. In other news, that’s more important…has anyone seen the remote for my tv? I checked the couch and nothing. Now I’m concerned. I may never be able to watch American Dad ever again. I think it’s crazy that the constitution of the United States says Freedom OF Religion and this organization is Freedom Native Grandma Bear T-Shirt. As soon as a judge sees that a case comes from this organization they should throw it out before it even starts.

Native Grandma Bear T-Shirt, Sweater, Hoodie And Tanktop

Native Grandma Bear T-Shirt


Native Grandma Bear T-Shirt


Native Grandma Bear T-Shirt


I want to know why this group, from Madison, Native Grandma Bear T-Shirt; was so scared of what the cross represents; that they had to file a lawsuit to try and remove it? Was the cross causing them any physical pain? If you do not want to see the cross, then just look away. Who is the to demand the removal of a Christian symbol, when the majority of the rest of us just ignore it or very much enjoy seeing it on the seal? It doesn’t matter what religion or image is used. Unless you are being forced to respect a particular religion or denied your beliefs then there’s nothing unconstitutional about an image, statute or any other thing.


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