The Nancy Pelosi Cry Baby Nasty Pelosi Shirt thing was rigged from the start. They had their “trial” in the house where it was supposed to be held and failed to present their “evidence” that was “beyond a doubt” clear that he was guilty which was why they voted and rushed it forward. If it was so clear cut then why did they need to call anyone else? It sounds like a big fat lie by the Dems. And they just wanted to drag yet another hoax out. Now they are back to harassing Kavanaugh. ou are a disgrace what about what Schiff did when he started this mess behind closed doors and the Republicans had no say over anything and the speech Adam Schiff made in telling the presidents phone what a bunch off Looney people in the Democratic party grow up lady lie lie lie that’s all you can do idiots.

Nancy Pelosi Cry Baby Nasty Pelosi Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Tanktop

Nancy Pelosi Cry Baby Nasty Pelosi Sweatshirt


Nancy Pelosi Cry Baby Nasty Pelosi Hoodie


Nancy Pelosi Cry Baby Nasty Pelosi Tanktop


 Great picture! Please – don’t go over to the Nacy Pelosi Cry Baby Nasty Pelosi Shirt of news reporting! You do a great job, every day. We miss Charles Krauthammer more and more, but maybe he guides us in his own special way. Stay the course, give us the truth and the facts, we can handle it!  I think Chris Wallace tries to be right down the middle, fair and balanced and asks the questions that the other half of the country thinks, and gives the person a chance to explain their position.


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