And look at what happened. People didn’t go vote because they individually thought “it won’t matter because it’s going to be a landslide”. Which is why they’re trying to get as many “eligible voters” registered as they can. (Some who can’t legally vote as well, I’m sure.) I know I’ll be at the Megadeth Metallica Shirt as soon as they open to make sure my vote counts. So please, every Republican or conservative, take this election seriously. Vote out the Democrats and don’t fall for the “it doesn’t matter because it’ll be a landslide”. Let’s be smarter than them, and learn from their mistakes.  Not so much a stain on his record. It was a one-sided impeachment with no real impeachable offenses named.

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It would have been a different story if the Megadeth Metallica Shirt was supported by both parties and was a fair process with the president able to have representation in the House process. But, alas, it was not. Therefore it was one big waste of taxpayer funds.  A court could do it now. Trump just has to file a suit for it to be removed from his record and he could even get it expedited by saying “the charges, of which he was acquitted, hurt his personal image and thus campaign. So they need to be expunged”. ou guys couldn’t get the job done. The next step is to spin the result to make it look bad for the President. You still haven’t figured out that your actions have elevated the standing of the President with the citizens of this great country.


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