He probably had the Kobe Bryant Girldad 24 Shirt listeners today than any other day in his career… we all couldn’t wait to hear what Rush had to say his first day back and just in general wanted to hear his show. BTW, he sounded strong and great!! No one would ever suspect he had stage 4 lung cancer. I love him!!  Like him or not, he is an American Icon. In a couple of weeks, he might be too sick from whatever treatment he’ll be receiving to make a trip to the White House. He deserved it and it was good that he got it right then. He is certainly as deserving as most of the others that have gotten it.  No one deserves that honor any more than Rush. I have listened to him over the years and am convinced he honest with himself and religion.

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A family man and true American fighting for a better country, paving the Kobe Bryant Girldad 24 Shirt for others to follow. Well deserved. Rush has a long list of accomplishments, honors & awards for his journalism and broadcasting career, better than most today. It’s all on record, & too numerous to mention here. All the naysayers and left-wingers, just get real and Google the facts for yourself. Opinions are not necessarily hard facts. I encourage you to check out the list of entertainers who have received the award. Some were well-deserved others received it for political points.


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