However, the Kansas City Chiefs Diamond Heart Shirt did not deem that worthy of removal from office. I didn’t hear her complaining then. Her contempt for our president, The American people, and our country was undeniable last night. Her premeditated act of destroying a historic document last night further indicates she is consumed with hatred and she has become more than a threat to our country and to herself and others.  I watched my first SOTU last night. Never been a fan of speeches. I thought by tuning in I could maybe understand why people are behaving the way they are. But what I saw was adults behaving horribly and with so much spite, bitterness and pettiness. I saw President Trump act and speak about the same America that I love. I saw a group of women cloaked like the KKK show enormous amounts of disrespect to men, women, and children that did not deserve their childish behavior.

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I saw men sitting in their chairs and acting like 5-year-olds in time out. Then the Kansas City Chiefs Diamond Heart Shirt heinous of all was to watch the Speaker of the House rip up the President’s speech, while standing behind him, in full view of the Nation. Nancy Pelosi is an embarrassment to the gavel, the office, women and our Nation.  In her mind, she does absolutely nothing wrong. She is the definition of a narcissist. Always blaming others to make people’s attention focus on them rather than getting the attention on themselves. I say investigate her and the trail will lead to the others that are protecting her. Betrayal of the Constitution? You are deliberately making false accusations against President Trump and the Republicans. You have no shame nor do you have the ability to govern. 


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