I think things should open but with only a certain amount of people inside but I appreciate the Jesus Saves Baseball Vintage Shirt caring to try and keep more people safe but these people will run to the grocery store every day if they want so? Might as well open. Wait, which angle am I supposed to go with Fox News…one where I am supposed to feel sad and encourage cautiousness with this Pennsylvania based story, or the other article you just posted entitled “Pennsylvania counties rebel against governor’s phased reopening plan” and put that rebelling in a positive light? Enough with the doublespeak. These liberal cities of the Northeast have been a disgrace.

Jesus Saves Baseball Vintage Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Tanktop

Jesus Saves Baseball Vintage Hoodie


Jesus Saves Baseball Vintage Sweatshirt


Jesus Saves Baseball Vintage Tanktop


It’s not a coincidence that 55% of Jesus Saves Baseball Vintage Shirt in the entire country are in a very small geographical area in the Northeast. Radical liberal policies were a breeding ground for the spreading of the Coronavirus. When you have a massive welfare state unbelievable homeless it’s a breeding ground for a disaster and that’s what’s happened in these liberal cities. This has never happened in the history of America, so it is impossible to know what will happen. However, going down that unknown path will be a ton more reassuring with President Trump and his capable economic advisors and cabinet. 


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