Montana Residents who Love this Country and the Hard Rock Cafe Valhalla Shirt change to the Good in our Country with what Our President has done, Get Out And Vote to Keep Our Country and Our President from the hands of these Radical Liberal Socialist And Communist Democrats!! Gee peeps… Treat it like any flu season should be treated… Take precautions…of the elderly with or w/o underlying health issue avoid certain things and take extra precautions…..and same for people with underlying lung and or heart issues. This isn’t a plaque …stop being so fearful and in a panic… I have severe COPD…

Hard Rock Cafe Valhalla Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Tanktop

Hard Rock Cafe Valhalla Sweatshirt


Hard Rock Cafe Valhalla Hoodie


Hard Rock Cafe Valhalla Tanktop


I’m going to work….taking precautions avoiding certain things….am I going on a cruise or airplane NO… but if I didn’t have COPD or another underlying medical condition I go about my life as normal…get flu shot and use basic precautions that you should always do with any outbreak or flu season anyways…  and the Hard Rock Cafe Valhalla Shirt orange one spent the weekend playing golf….at least here in Italy we have leaders who can make difficult decisions. Btw here in Italy, we have done more than 50000 corona tests and there’s no shortage of the kit…how many tests have been taken in the US?  I’m fortunate that most of my family lives on the same street in the same town. 


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