You knew the Eminem Deadpool Shady Shirt narrative was BS, but you surrender to the Dems and their media mob. All you did was handcuff the agenda you so proudly was trying to enact. Your recusal only embolden the Dems in the minority to push the limits on how much they would get away with! od bless you Mr. Sessions, you absolutely did the right thing. All of you naysayers will learn soon enough about what’s been going on behind the scenes. Jeff Sessions did exactly what he was supposed to do. And if it wasn’t for him Epstein would still be on the loose terrorizing children. There’s a red pill about to be dropped on this world, and you’re all going to be disgusted, shocked, but grateful in the end.

Eminem Deadpool Shady Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Tanktop

Eminem Deadpool Shady Hoodie


Eminem Deadpool Shady Sweatshirt


Eminem Deadpool Shady Tanktop


The Eminem Deadpool Shady Shirt is being drained. The guilty will be held accountable. Patriots are in control, and God wins. Sessions, you were in the building….you saw what was being done to your President….you had to know that it was a corrupt setup… would not even let Judicial Watch get documents under FOIA……so the very least you could have done was RESIGN so the President could put someone like Barr in there to run the place. I would never second-guess what was going on in your mind, but you did this country a disservice. Perhaps Jeff, but That’s not really the Problem! The President was counting on Your Help, and You Balked on Him! 


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