So that leaves six. All were old. Then there is this. More kids have died in the Donald Trump Mask The Don father Shirt of Chicago due to gang violence last month alone than have died from Coronavirus nationwide. Everybody, calm down and freaking breathe. It’s nothing more than a bad cold if you’re healthy. If your health is not so good, start eating healthier, get enough rest and exercise. Geez. I just heard Congress is considering an Emergency Shutdown over Corona Virus to protect themselves…Schools and Universities should shut down too! There are a lot of College students traveling Europe right now during Spring Break. We need to look ahead a little more than just the surface.

Donald Trump Mask The Don father Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Tanktop

Donald Trump Mask The Donfather Sweatshirt


Donald Trump Mask The Donfather Hoodie


Donald Trump Mask The Donfather Tanktop


The Donald Trump Mask The Don father Shirt lining up to be Joes running mate is the person that will actually be the dem president candidate. We pretty much know that Joe will be incapable of running this country if elected to the VP will take over. Who will that be? Why do you all have to be so nasty?? How petty and your name-calling is disrespectful. Sarah and Hannity are well respected. Just move on if you don’t like them instead of making rude comments.  Miss your fast thinking and intelligent handling of The Fake News Reporters, Sarah. Hope you decide to Run for an Elected Office in your home state of Arkansas…those Americans would be very fortunate…and I’m a New Yorker! 


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