Glad they are back together. Crazy to keep them separated — having only been married 31 years (most of them apart as a military family) I can promise you that I’d rather take the Dog Father Beer Lover Shirt of dying together than be separated this way. Yes she may be in a care home or he may be but still, this needs to stop. Beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. What is wrong is that there is a big chance that one of them could get the virus anyway or at their ages could die from age-related problems on any given day and they will not have been able to be together. Like a lady in an earlier article was hurting because she socially distanced from her father for two months so he wouldn’t get the virus only to have him die from something else.

Dog Father Beer Lover Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Tanktop

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Dog Father Beer Lover Sweatshirt


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Now she regrets it. She can’t get those two months back. Many sons and daughters won’t see their elderly parents today, especially their mothers who were in N.Y. Nursing Homes. Gov. Cuomo’s mandate of forcing administrators to import infected elderly knowing full well the Dog Father Beer Lover Shirt of PPE and STAFF. This caused over 5000, elderly people to die. Cuomo now spins and blames Nursing Homes for not being prepared. With a stroke of his pen, Gov. Cuomo sentenced these people to death. No whitewash, deflection, or spin will erase your “GUILT”. Pray for their family members who never knew what CUOMO HAD DONE.


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