God bless you, Rush. Then he wasn’t really impeached because the My Children Bark Paws Dog Shirt one sued forced an illegal process without any input from the other political party that makes up the house. The Senate Jury voted, the Judge (Chief Justice of the United States) declared him acquitted. So do you have more authority than your view means anything at all? Enough already! If anything was rigged, it was the House proceedings. You are sounding like clinging brass, nobody cares what your delusions are. Then the house should have done their job and called witnesses. They didn’t want to do that because then Trump’s team could have also called witnesses and he would have never even been impeached.

My Children Bark Paws Dog Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Tanktop

My Children Bark Paws Dog Sweatshirt


My Children Bark Paws Dog Hoodie


My Children Bark Paws Dog Tanktop


We lowly commoners aren’t stupid. The My Children Bark Paws Dog Shirt case was a circus from the getgo. Get over it. He’s acquitted and he’s still your president and will be through 2024.  No, Mazie, you have that wrong. He was acquitted because the part of impeachment that was rigged was in the House proceedings in the bunker of the basement where no witnesses were able to be called or no cross-examination was allowed for the president. The special mind of stupid there. They knew from the very beginning that a 2/3 vote was needed. If that wasn’t the case every president would be brought up on impeachment charges after every election. Let’s please move on and have all the house and senate start doing their dam job. He wasn’t actually impeached in the first place.


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