Whether she ripped it up little by little each time he honored a family or person or a group of people… Or whether she ripped it all up at the Charisma Uniqueness Nerve And Talent Shirt really is a moot point. Because either way it sends the same message and has the same meaning. Her hatred of our president and all of the people that support him is what consumes her. All of the things he just listed that are good for the American people mean nothing to her. She is obsessed with hatred and an insatiable Greed for power. It is a shame that the first female Speaker of the House will go down as the worst Speaker of the House in history thus far.  During the speech, you could see her doing something and even the news cameras have a close up of rips in the pages before the end of the speech.

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Charisma Uniqueness Nerve And Talent Hoodie


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Either way, you spin it she ripped up legal government documents that.  are against the Charisma Uniqueness Nerve And Talent Shirt.  Funny that a good chunk of America watches this show for news. When he’s not having on young guests he knows he can out debate he’s spewing his insane opinions trying to pass them as facts. You see they have to find something to disagree on with the Republicans. And that is where they are losing the game big time. Instead of building, even with those matters where there is common ground, and being positive, their only line of attack is being negative and hating. So even if President Trump is right they will disagree, because that is their negative game plan. And believe me, he is right most of the time and he is doing what people want. 


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