you wouldn’t have any standards at all. chiff should be so ashamed, they should resign and never show their ugly faces again! But they have no integrity, grace, or dignity. They should be held accountable for the lies they have been inflicting on the American people for the Cake Dealer Vintage Shirt three years, but they are Democrats, who are above the rule of law. They are going on a day vacation. All they’ve done is investigation after investigation to impeach a president they don’t like. Do they really deserve a paid vacation for trying to overthrow our president? Teachers don’t get paid during the summer break and they work harder all year. Mitch blocking in the Senate? no one is talking about that and many are bipartisan.

Cake Dealer Vintage Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Tanktop

Cake Dealer Vintage Shirt


Cake Dealer Vintage Shirt


Cake Dealer Vintage Shirt


Why? And the critical Election Security bills he has blocked too and Republicans are very pissed off. A lot more to this than the “Cake Dealer Vintage Shirt” smokescreen. Lots of getting done and important things like Pharma are being worked on that will benefit all. How many bills make it through the democrat controlled house only to die on the senate? Yes investigating, the very real threat of Russian election interference and if there was any connection between Russia and Trump was a key focus of theirs, but they also have done a lot of other work


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