This is why there is no sense in the Butterfly Got milkweed Shirt of law anymore. Anyone of your family getting hurt or killed the city should be held responsible, they’re not protecting their citizens and they protected the one that not paying and illegally.  It is sad when the federal government has to go after these sanctuary cities. These states are harboring criminals and protecting them. This action puts all Americans in grave danger, as well as law enforcement. This is illegal and they know it. Stop all federal aid to these states and let them suffer the consequences. Why do the democrats protect these leeches? Someone, please explain.  I still can comprehend how there are people who are just fine with illegal immigrants been protected and live in our Country doing as they pleaded and with government protection! We as Americans need to protect our nation not only for us but the generations to come.

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Laws are to be followed! We have lost the Butterfly Got milkweed Shirt…We can’t allow criminals to be protected by our own state of local government! They should extremely careful of the drivers’ licenses that they issue as well! We want to make certain that these licenses can’t be used as a form of identification when you go to vote! We have enough of those that are not legal citizens voting in our elections!!  Did this woman have any plans and promises when she entered the 2020 Presidential race? She just admitted here that she is using two female candidate’s ideas after they both dropped out of the race. What a fake! Does she have any campaign promises of her own that she thought up? Man! She is a total joke. She didn’t answer the lady’s question because she is adopting other people’s ideas. Where are her ideas? Y’all need to turn up the hearing aids. 


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