States are to follow federal law. Of course, they can adopt a law to strengthen a federal law but they cannot say they will not abide by federal law. Arrest them and prosecute as you would ant another citizen who broke the Believe 15 Mahomes Signature Shirt.  This is HUGE and def Unprecedented. I’m curious to hear the response from the Left regarding this. But I for one while support it for the most part, I’m worried how this will impact our law enforcement, fire/ems and overall welfare of the community if this hits us hard. Cincinnati sadly is labeled as a sanctuary city and I know my friends and family in Law Enforcement won’t take this well as it impacts them directly.  It really made my blood boil when Cuomo lit up the Empire State Building pink to celebrate partial-birth abortion.

Believe 15 Mahomes Signature Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Tanktop

Believe 15 Mahomes Signature Sweatshirt


Believe 15 Mahomes Signature Hoodie


Believe 15 Mahomes Signature Tanktop


Whatever you may think of abortion, it’s not something to celebrate. Flouting Federal law in the Believe 15 Mahomes Signature Shirt is not a good idea either. It’s about time these renegade states get a good dose of reality.  He should be prosecuting the politicians that are declaring their cities sanctuary cities and directing non-compliance with federal law. They are violating that law and should be made to account for it with jail time.  Ever since those terrorist attacks the government has passed these bills under national security or homeland security acts that have crippled each state and forced them to follow federal laws, rules and regulations. The federal government has no business telling each state what to do. This just shows how far out we have fallen, every state corrupted and every state has failed to maintain a republic system of government. 


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