Still. Again, it’s not about defunding or removing the Is There Anything Beer Can’t Do Shirt. Of course, everyone agrees that we need police. It’s about removing the elements of militarization (which is very new and dangerous) and over-policing like patrolling neighborhoods around the clock. Police rarely catch anyone during the commission of a crime anyway. Further, police are terrible at solving minor crimes and have a very low success rate. Use that difference in the budget to put towards crime prevention like instituting youth programs and increasing funding for school districts. The crime will go away on its own. I don’t remember cops patrolling middle-class neighborhoods. They should just show up when they’re called as was their original intent for enforcing the law.

Is There Anything Beer Can’t Do Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Tanktop

Is There Anything Beer Can’t Do Hoodie


Is There Anything Beer Can’t Do Sweatshirt


Is There Anything Beer Can’t Do Tanktop


 Makes sense his predictions are based upon actual voters instead of the Is There Anything Beer Can’t Do Shirt that is based upon likely voters. It also doesn’t play political games with push polls and slanted questions or selective polling groups extra. All done to get a predetermined result. We were situated with these polls during the 2016 election And those nightly Anchors who gave Hillary the win and a 99% chance of victory. Only to be way off. Fast forward to 2020 and the and open hatred in many mainstream media news coverage radiates outward. Polls done by these groups like almost every word out of their mouths is subject to great suspicion. 


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